About N2Power

Company History

N2Power was founded in Southern California in 1999 as a designer and manufacturer of ultrasmall, highly-reliable, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly power supply units (PSUs) for the OEM market. In 2002, Qualstar Corporation acquired the company and made it a wholly owned subsidiary, integrating N2Power’s products into its tape storage libraries. Qualstar, also founded in California (1985), became a public company in 2000 (NASDAQ:QBAK) and offers the most cutting-edge tape storage solutions available, with energy efficient libraries that utilize the latest LTO tape drive technology and ultradense cartridges.

​The acquisition gave N2power access to new resources, such as domestic and international manufacturing capabilities as well as increased technical and engineering support. Despite the change in ownership, N2Power has never wavered from its commitment to produce green products—offering PSUs with power efficiency ratings beyond 90% well before the first federally mandated minimum efficiency requirements were introduced in 2006.

N2Power Today

Building off our track record of innovation and reliability, today our ISO certified line encompasses a range of standard, modified, and value-add power solutions and products for the ITE, broadcast, industrial, kiosk, medical, gaming, lighting, and test equipment markets, among others. While still based out of our Camarillo, Calif., headquarters, we have expanded our global footprint in recent years with the addition of strategic presences in Singapore and Shenzhen, China, giving us access to new markets and increased development capabilities.


​Even as N2Power continues to grow and evolve with global power needs, we remain committed to our core goal—to provide the OEM market with state-of-the-art, ultrasmall standalone switch-mode power supplies and power assemblies. Capitalizing on our expertise and more than 20 years of experience in power design, our in-house engineering team works closely with each individual customer to ensure the very best solution is integrated into their final product design. Whatever the final solution turns out to be, it will be efficient—all of N2Power’s PSUs are rated 90% or higher—and backed by our trademark reliability, including our one-of-a-kind warranty coverage.

Management Team

Steven N. Bronson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ryan J. Hoffman

Chief Financial Officer