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Sales Questions

Q: What is the difference between the Part number (4XXXXX-XX-X) vs. Model numbers XLXXX-XX, MLXXX-XX, XLMXXX-XX, etc.

A: The part number format of 4XXXXX-XX-X specifies the exact configuration of the power supply and is mandatory when placing orders, requesting compliance certifications on finished products and on RMA forms. The model number format of XL, ML & XLMXXX is a description of the power supply and power supply family and should not be interchanged with the part number.

Q: When do I use the part number (4XXXXX-XX-X)?
A: The part number should always be used when placing orders and RMA documents.Q: How do I order power supplies that are redundant capable?

A: By placing an order with the correct part number 4XXXXX-XX-X that is associated with a model XLXXX-XX CS optional suffix. Review product specs for any other models that may have the current sharing option.

Q: Where do I find product information on your website?

A: You can find information on the Product Families tab/Power Solutions at Qualstar.com. Click on POWER SOLUTIONS in the drop down menu.

Q: Can I get a free sample power supply sent to me?

A: Yes, we may be able to send you up to two free samples per model. We send a limited number of samples out at no charge. Sample Request forms can be found on our website in the Partners Section/Forms/Sample Unit Request. Freight cost is the responsibility of the customer and we would need a freight UPS/FedEx number from the customer or distributor for shipping purposes.

Q: How can I order power supplies from N2Power?

A: Send orders to: orders@N2Power.com

Q: Where do I find pricing?

A: If you are an end customer, please contact one of our sales partners listed on the website under Product Families/Power Solutions/Where to Buy. If you are a Distributor, Representative or an OEM/CM please email Sales@N2Power.com.

Q: Where do I register an account for a new design project?

A: The OEM Design Registration process is in the Partners section on our website. To submit a new OEM project registration click on the design request line and use the online form to fill out the required information. Distributors should work with our local representative in registering an account.

Q: Do I have to refresh my OEM project registration(s) / lead(s)?

A: Yes! This needs to be done every 6 months to insure we have the most up to date information on the account project and to ensure that the account remains registered to you. All distributors need to work with our local representative in accomplishing this.

Q: How do I find out about lead-times on (potential) orders?

A: Please email: orders@N2Power.com.

Q: Do you accept designs for modified standard or custom power supplies?

A: Yes, we have done many modified standard, semi- and full-custom projects for OEM customers. We have completed 130+ modified power supply designs already (S-Mods).

Q: How do I request a modified standard or custom power supply?

A: Work with an N2Power representative who will submit an RFQ form to N2Power’s Project Management Department. If you have already prepared a detailed power supply specification document, it can be submitted in lieu of the RFQ form. Send the specification to: Barry.Kahn@n2power.com.

Q: Do you have any “special deals” or discounted power supplies?

A: Please contact Sales@N2Power.com to inquire if any such “deals” or discounts are available.

Q: Do you offer power supplies certified for use in the medical industry?

A: Yes, we offer a range from 100 watts to 500 watts. Please review the ML and XLM series on our website to find out what you need.

Q: Can medical-certified power supplies be used for other non-medical applications?

A: Yes, The medical power supplies also have the same certifications as our industrial and communication industry power supplies. The XLM series has dual certification – medical and ITE.

Q: Do you offer military certified power supplies?

A: No, but our supplies are often used for military applications in which COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) supplies are acceptable.

Q: Do you offer enclosed power supplies?

A: Yes, we offer two types of enclosures for our open frame power supply solutions. We have both COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) “Safety Enclosures” for touch protection and a universal fully enclosed chassis that integrates a fan, switch, IEC inlet and a positronic connector for “plug & play” purposes for all models. The XLE65, XLE100, XLME240 and XLME500 are enclosed by design.

Q: How many units can I current share?

A: Depends on the model of power supply as they have different specifications. Please check appropriate product data specifications for answers.

Q: What options do the supplies come in?

A: We offer AC-DC, DC-DC and ATX versions.

Technical Questions

Q: Do your power supplies have current sharing capability?

A: We do have some current sharing models. Models with the CS suffix after the model number indicate the current sharing feature. The (CS) versions have a built-in OR-ing diode (or MOSFET) in addition to active single-wire current share circuitry for parallel operation.

Q: Can your power supplies operate redundantly?

A: Depends on the model, so please check appropriate product data specs for answers. Some models are able to use two, three or even more CS power supplies connected in parallel, in an N+1 configuration. The “+1” implies that one of the supplies serves as a redundant supply that will only be used (automatically) in the event that any of the other “N” supplies fails. In other words, an N+1 configuration provides both higher output power and greater reliability.

Q: How do I cable (attach) the power supplies to enable redundancy?

A: For our XL series, the current share signal (see product spec) of each supply operating in parallel must be connected together. Power good signals may be wired together, but this is not recommended as a failing power supply will pull the signal low. They should be monitored individually by the user’s system. The V2 outputs must not be connected together and they are unaffected by active current sharing of the V1 outputs. See appropriate data specs for full details.

Q: Are your power supplies RoHS ll compliant?

A: Yes. All power supplies are RoHS ll compliant and we have available certifications.

Q: How do I mount (install) your power supplies in my system?

A: All of our power supplies may be mounted in any attitude but must be attached at all four corners and must have a safety ground connection. Please review product specifications for more detailed information.

Q: Do your power supplies have the same mounting dimensions?

A: Not for all models. Our 3″ x 5” XL series power supplies do have the same mounting dimensions, so they are all drop-in interchangeable. The dimensions of our ML and XLM series Medical Power Supplies vary between models. Some examples: XL65 – XL100 are 2″ x 3″, XLM240 is 2″ x 4″ and XLM500 is 3″ x 5″.

Q: Can I use your power supplies without forced air cooling?

A: Yes, all of our power supplies can be used without forced air cooling, but are de-rated accordingly for power usage as shown in each of their product specifications.

Q: Can I use your power supplies above +70C?

A: No. The power supply will sense an over-temperature condition and shut down to protect itself above 70C, but will self-start again after a time delay when it monitors a sub 70C temperature. Our Medical Power Supplies include two XLM models with a max operating temp of 70C and one model (ML100) rated at 80C. Industrial power supplies greater than 450 watts have a maximum operating temperature of 60C.

Q: Do you share schematics of your power supplies?

A: No. We do not share schematics; but with a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place, we may give out partial schematics.

Q: Where can I find compliance reports on your power supplies?

A: Full compliance reports are available to our Sales Partners in the Partners section of the website (login required). Safety certificates only are available with no login requirement, via the Power Supply Finder.

Q: Are all your power supplies 3” x 5”x 1U high?

A: No. Check product specifications as there are variations in width, length and height from one product series to another. Medical and Industrial power supplies vary in size according to power rating.

Q: Do you have IGS or STEP files of your Power supplies that I can download into my CAD system?

A: Yes. On our website, use the Power Supply Finder to locate the model you want. You will find downloadable files of 3D models in compressed .IGS format for most of our power supplies. For STEP files, please submit a request to: Barry.Kahn@n2power.com.

Q: Do you have the option to have conformal coating applied to the power supply?

A: Yes. We will conformal coat our power supplies when requested for an additional cost. This is considered a special modification and will be labeled with an S-Mod numeric suffix to the model number.

Q: Do you provide cable assemblies with your Power supplies?

A: No, but for very large orders we will do so for an additional cost, using customer specifications and subject to their signed approval. This is considered a special modification and will be labeled with an S-Mod numeric suffix to the model number.

Q: Where can I find EMC reports for the power supplies?

A: Ask your representative or N2Power account manager to get this information for you.

Q: Does N2Power offer onsite engineering design support to customers?

A: Yes, but on a case by case basis, and at the discretion of N2Power management.

Other Questions

Q: What type of payment methods are acceptable?

A: Cash in advance, credit cards, L/C’s & credit terms (with accounting approval) are available.

Q: How do I return a power supply?

A: Download and submit the RMA Request Form found on our website under the SUPPORT tab. If approved, normal lead-time is 2 weeks for a replacement and you must return the RMA package with the RMA# written on outside of the box. Send to:

1267 Flynn Road
Camarillo, CA 93012

Q: Does N2Power cover shipping costs on power supplies returned under approved RMA’s?

A: The customer is responsible for paying shipping of the defective power supplies to N2Power, Singapore. N2Power will pay for the shipping charges back to the customer for the fixed or replaced units.

Q: Is a failure analysis standard with the return of a defective unit?

A: No. Failure Analysis must be requested on the returned RMA form.Q: What is the warranty period?

A: Most of our Power Supplies carry a 3-year warranty. Select Medical Supplies carry a 5-year warranty.

Q: How do I find out if my Power Supply is under warranty?

A: For the XL Series you can verify the date code by the serial number of the power supply. The first two digits are the year of manufacture and the second two digits are the week number in that year. For XLM, ML, XL65 and XL100, please contact: Barry.Kahn@n2power.com

Q: If I modify or fix my failed power supply, is it still under warranty?

A: No. We do not recommend any work be done to our power supplies by our customers. When you rework or modify the power supply in any way, you will void the warranty.

Q: How do I get a username and password to login to the Partners section? (Only for N2Power Reps or Distributors!)

A: Partner login credentials can be requested via email or call to Shelley.Urbina@N2Power.com (x122) or Barry Kahn (x119)

Q: Is N2Power ISO9001 Compliant?

A: Yes. N2Power-contracted factories are ISO9001:2008 compliant.

Q: Where are your factories located?

A: Shenzhen, China and Hong Kong, ChinaQ: How can customers request a factory audit?

A: Contact your N2Power representative or contact N2Power directly.